With this service I will not only serve you food and drinks ... I want to share 'alegria'  with you. Create a joy that you would like to share with your loved ones: colors, flavors , emotions and the serenity of a day without thoughts and problems .


Time and care go into designing a seasonal menu to fit your needs, selecting fresh ingredients, cooking your meal and creating a beautiful presentation. I believe good food should be fresh, seasonal, down-to-earth and delicious. So our catering menus feature dishes that highlight the exceptional ingredients of the Italian Kitchen.


We offer catering services ranging from drop-off breakfasts, lunches and party buffets for events such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, retirement parties. Business luncheons and deliveries is also part of our sevices.

Si cucina sempre pensando a qualcuno, altrimenti stai solo preparando da mangiare.


Think of someone when cooking, otherwise you're just preparing a meal.