Wild beaches, seriously tempting food and wine, affordable prices – and few other tourists – await those who venture to Salento, the sun-kissed south of Puglia.


We are calling all passionate souls, the dreamers, the pioneers, the leaders and the wanderers. The peacemakers and the action takers, we reach out to the revolutionairies and the survivors, invite the healers and the lovers, the adventurers and the innovators, to join us in here in Puglia, Italy for 6 days of living the live as it should be!  


We will be awaiting you in our gorgeous lodge here in the heel of Italy. The Salento flatlands are still pioneer country and the Italians come here for sun, sea and seriously good food, fished from nearby waters and produced in the fertile pastures that supply much of the fresh contents of the country's larders, and to sup the increasingly admired local wines, negroamaro, primitivo di Manduria and Salice Salentino.

Every year we open up our lodge for weekly groups of up to 12 visitors from September till October 29th. You share the lodge with other guests, and you have got all the freedom, to do what you want, participate in unique self-development workshops, meditation, art and yoga classes. The food and the drinks are shared in true Italian style, sitting at a long outdoor table, where you are invited to share the best version of yourself while you are surrounded by a small group of like-minded people.


I will prepare authentic Italian food, the rooms are gorgeous and all our activities guided by professionals: simply a perfect signature retreat for you to unwind from your day to day life. Your time here is completely focused around you: we support you to relax, enjoy, celebrate and contemplate, while you discover life as it should be.

​​Join us in our wonderful lodge in Puglia

I will be awaiting you! 



Viaggiare e mangiare!

To travel is to eat!