Let me take you on a journey through the scents, colors and emotions of the vineyards of Italy in the comfort of your living room or private garden. But be aware, to enter the world of wines is sedusive, it is a road where you hardly want to go back, you will be fascinated by what a glass of wine transmits. 


During the winetasting I will teach you to appreciate the wines' colors, perfumes and you will immerse yourself in its flavors. Wines that you normally can not easilly buy in the shops, as I am in touch with various local Italian cantina's

Ci sono dei vini migliori di altri, questo è un dato di fatto: ma ci sono dei vini che un giorno abbiamo amato perché ci sono stati offerti con molta generosità.


There are wines better than others, this is a fact: but there are those wines which we love more because it was offered with great generosity.